450 EXC-F - 2020


450 EXC-F - 2020 Media

Model Description

Remaining the strongest, most competitive bike in the E2 class, the new KTM 450 EXC-F combines low weight and a rugged, well-balanced chassis with the regulation maximum of displacement. This high-tech powerhouse is the perfect choice for riders looking for loads of 4-stroke performance, combined with great agility when competing in tough of - froad races. With fresh enhancements to the engine and a completely reworked chassis, the KTM 450 EXC-F is set to hold its own for years to come.

The new KTM 450 EXC-F's fuel-injected SOHC powerhouse is the lightest 450 single-cylinder offroad racing engine on the market. It is extremely compact, with ground-breaking torque and power across the entire rev range thanks to a newly developed cylinder head and updated electronic fuel injection system. In combination with a reworked engine case, KTM has reduced its weight to only 29.2 kg, making it the most compact, lightest and most competitive powerplant in its class.

Vibrations are kept in check by a carefully optimized crank drive with plain bearings, and a multifunc - tional balancer shaft additionally balances out the oscillating masses. The cutting-edge Keihin engine management system with electronic fuel injection and a reworked 42 mm throttle body ensure an astonishing response, while an optional map select switch allows the rider to select a different power curve mid-race and to activate the unique traction control system to provide maximized grip when needed.

The KTM 450 and 500 EXC-F engines are fitted with a newly developed, much more compact SOHC cylinder head, which is 15 mm lower and 500 g lighter. This significantly improves the centralization of the masses and results in even better handling. The gas flow through the re-designed ports is controlled by a new overhead camshaft which is now closer to the center of gravity to improve handling. It features an enhanced axial mount for the decompressor shaft for more reliable starting and a new, more efficient integrated engine breather system for reduced oil losses. The valve timings have been carried over from the predecessor. The new, 40 mm titanium intake valves and 33 mm steel exhaust valves are shorter and matched to the new head design. They are activated via rocker arms that have an optimized, more rigid design with reduced inertia, guaranteeing more consistent performance across the powerband. A shorter timing chain and new chain guides contribute to a reduction in weight and low friction, while a new spark plug increases combustion efficiency. The new head configuration delivers a more efficient power delivery and unrivaled performance of the large displacement KTM engines.

The side-mounted balancer shaft also drives the coolant pump. As a result of the perfectly balanced oscillating masses, which are fairly low in relation to the engine output, vibrations are kept to a minimum, even at the highest engine speeds.

The crankshaft is located in an ideal position close to the center of gravity, enhancing agility. It has a short connecting rod, which contributes to an overall compact and light engine with a snappy power delivery, while the engine's carefully balanced inertia improves traction and rideability. Vibrations are kept in check by a carefully optimized crank drive with plain bearings. The plain big end bearing with two force-fitted bearing shells runs directly on the crank pin. The oil feed required for this bearing is supplied by a high-pressure lubrication circuit. As a result of this design the crankshaft has fairly long service intervals. 

The short cylinder with a 95 mm bore houses a new, extremely lightweight box-in-box type piston made by König that, in conjunction with a 10% lighter piston pin, delivers a major contribution to the high performance, low vibrations and engine speed strength. The compression ratio is increased from 11.7:1 to 12.75:1 for increased performance while an optimized piston top land helps ensure an even more efficient combustion.

The 6-speed transmission ensures maximum durability and reliability. Perfectly matched to the power delivery of the large displacement engines, its gear ratios remain unchanged for MY2020. All 4-stroke engines are fitted with a gear position sensor, offering the option of different engine characteristics for each gear.

The new generation of KTM big bore enduro singles features reworked engine cases, reducing the engine weight by nearly 300 g. The design makes the engine very short and compact while contributing to an efficient centralization of masses. A rugged surface structure on the engine covers reduces wear caused by the rider's boots. In addition, the clutch cover has been reinforced to make the engine more resilient in rocky terrain.

The KTM-developed DDS clutch (damped diaphragm steel) features a wear-free steel basket and extremely heat resistant clutch plates. This design features a diaphragm spring instead of the usual coil springs, which makes for a considerably lighter clutch action. The diaphragm spring also leaves sufficient space for a damping system integrated into the clutch hub, resulting in benefits for both traction and durability. A hydraulic Brembo clutch mechanism ensures light operation and a highly controllable modulation of the clutch.

The state-of-the-art Keihin engine management system with electronic fuel injection features a new 42 mm throttle body, providing a vivid response and maximum performance thanks to its unique injector position. This ensures excellent atomization of the fuel within the airflow toward the combustion chamber. In addition, there are separate systems for cold start and idle adjustment. For model year 2020, a reworked throttle cable mount provides smoother routing of the cables and better access, while an improved seal for the MAP sensor (manifold air pressure) makes the system even more reliable. The ECU features updated mappings matched to the new exhaust, air filter box and engine configuration. At the same time, it controls the unique KTM enduro traction control which is activated by an optional map select switch that also provides access to different maps with alternate power delivery characteristics. A gear position sensor even allows KTM to use different mappings individually optimized for each gear.

Model Specification


Engine Type

Single cylinder, 4-stroke


449.9 cc


Elecric starter, Lithium ion battery 12V 2Ah


6 gears


Wet multi-disc DDS clutch, Brembo hydraulics



Central double-cradle type


X-Ring 5/8 x 1/4

Steering Head Angle


Tank Capacity

9.2 litres


Brake System Front

Disc brake 260 mm

Brake System Rear

Disc brake 220 mm


Front Suspension

WP Xplor USD 48 mm

Rear Suspension

WP Xplor PDS shock absorber

Suspension Travel Front

300 mm

Suspension Travel Rear

310 mm



95 mm


63.4 mm

Ground Clearance (unloaded)

355 mm

Seat Height

960 mm

Weight (No Fuel)

105.5 kg


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